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Westland Floating Parade: A Fun Outing for the entire Family

Great Day Trip: Westland Floating Parade

The Westland Floating Parade is a fun and colourful local event held every summer in the province of Zuid-Holland. Sixty historic auction barges are colourfully decorated and navigate the canals for 70 km in three days. The floating parade has grown into a regional event in South West Netherlands, attracting 350.000 tourists from near and far. Read More

Pink Applesauce

Pink Applesauce

Pink applesauce from apples with pink pulp, who would have thought of that?!
Pink apple sauce, from apples with pink flesh.



A new apple species produces apple of which the pulp naturally has a pink color.

Pink applesauce is not entirely new: it was also possible with nostalgic starapples to get a pink / red applesauce. The pink color you would get when you cook the red peal to mush; the pulp of the starapples is white.

Pink applesauce is not yet on available in stores, but it is fun to make it yourself.

Roze appelmoes is nog niet verkrijgbaar in de winkel, maar leuk om zelf te maken. De bereiding van roze appelmoes is hetzelfde als van gewone appelmoes: klokhuis verwijderen, appels schillen en in een pan tot moes koken. Naar smaak suiker en/of kaneel toevoegen. Wat citroensap toevoegen werkt als natuurlijk conserveermiddel. Wie appelmoes ‘met stukjes’ wil, kookt de appels niet helemaal tot moes. Wie juist een gladde appelmoes wil, laat de appelmoes wat langer koken en kan de moes nog even zeven.

Tip: Dompel de appels na het schillen direct in een pan water met wat citroensap, om bruinverkleuring (oxidatie) van de appelstukjes tegen te gaan. Giet het water af voordat je de appels tot moes kookt.

Roze Appel-Kweeperenmoes

Heb je geen appels met roze vruchtvlees ter beschikking? Weet dan dat je ook heerlijke roze appel-kweeperen-moes kunt maken. Gebruik daarvoor kweeperen in plaats van gewone peren en volg dit recept voor appel-perenmoes. Vrijwel alle kweeperen krijgen tijdens het koken een roze kleur; je hebt daarvoor geen ‘perenrood’ nodig zoals bij gewone stoofperen. Kweeperen hebben een veel diepere smaak dan gewone stoofperen.

Quotes about Gardens & Gardening

Quotes About Gardens & Gardening

A slection of Quotes for people who love nature, gardens and gardening. But they are also nice to read for people who don’t have “green fingers”.

Every quote contains a moral or wisdom which can make people happier

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Nature Education: Mother Nature as Tutor

Nature Eduction: Mother Nature as Tutor

Positive effects of nature educationeffecten van de natuureducatie op children

You probably forgotten what it felt like when you saw your first butterfly as a child, caught your first fish with a fishing pole, or built a cabin in the woods. And yet you just know that it must have been a euphoric moment. You’re probably not aware of it, but such lyrical experiences have been essential in becoming who you are now. Children of the present generation have less and less opportunities for themselves to also gain such experiences. Our environment and lifestyle is becoming increasingly more regulated and guided into straight paths.
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Park Clingendael in The Hague : Impressive and Beautiful

Park Clingendael in The Hague: Impressive and Beautiful

It is nice to combine your visit to the Japanese garden with the adjoining Park Clingendael. This vast park offers extensive possibilities for walking and picnics. Through winding forest path you pass rolling lawn, rustic brooks and historical buildings.

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