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Den Delft

An extraordinary place

Den Delft is located between Delft en Den Hoorn. This extraordinary place has a great variety of flowers and plants which have been selected with care.

Den Delft organizes various activities for young and old. You can also garden, draw, paint etc. Everything is possible.

In spring around our national holiday 'Kings Day' Den Delft sells its delicious rhubarb locally. Regular customers can tell you that it is the best rhubarb in the region Zuid-Holland and much tastier than the rhubarb you buy at the store.

In autumn we hold our annual pumpkin sale. We have great assortment of pumpkins. We have decorative pumpkins and some edible ones. The pumpkins last months when kept indoors and are a very nice to give as a present instead of a floral arrangement which doesn't keep very long.


Q: What can Den Delft offer you?

Den Delft gives advice about the purchasing and care of plants. We also offer our help when plant is sick and on request we can buy plants for you.

Q: What kind of activities does Den Delft organize?

Den Delft organizes all kinds of activities. Together we look at the possibilities and organize activities that best suit your wishes. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Do you give advice about sick plants?

Den Delft offers expert advice about combating the most plant related illnesses. We like to pay a visit, see your sick plant and together we make a plan of attacking the disease head on.

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Do you want to know more about Den Delft. Please view more video's in our gallery. A video says more than words.

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