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How to Colour Your Pink Hydrangea Blue: Practical Tips

Colour your own Pink Hydrangea Blue

Every garden has a Hydrangea. Many garden lovers ask themselves how they get a blue colour in the flowers of their Hydrangea. In this article you read about the key factors for the blue discoloration. And practical tips to colour your own hydrangea blue. A reverse discoloration is of course also possible.

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Snowdrop Festival: Ode to the Galanthus

Snowdrop Festival: Ode to Galanthus

No flower is as popular but also as royal as “our” lovely snowdrop (Galanthus). In Great Britain, the land of etiquette and monarchy, they know this all too well. Snowdrops are a real hype. I never knew snowdrops were so popular. Why this is so – you’ll notice when you visit a snowdrops festival.

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Berceau, Charming Garden Element

Berceau, Romantic Garden Element

A berceau, or arbour, is a overgrown garden path.  On either side of the walkway  trees or bushes are planted, which are connected to one another above the path.  A berceau can be overgrown with evergreens and / or flowering plants of many varieties. Espaliered trees are also possible.
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