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How to Colour Your Pink Hydrangea Blue: Practical Tips

Colour your own Pink Hydrangea Blue

Every garden has a Hydrangea. Many garden lovers ask themselves how they get a blue colour in the flowers of their Hydrangea. In this article you read about the key factors for the blue discoloration. And practical tips to colour your own hydrangea blue. A reverse discoloration is of course also possible.

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Espaliered Fruit for Beginners | Starter Guide Espaliered Fruit

Starter Guide Espaliered Fruit

Espaliered fruit is a  delight to see. Whether you are looking for information about espaliered fruit trees and garden walls, growing tightly run espaliered fruit trees yourself, or planning a fun day trip: This guide will quickly guide you to the information you seek.

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Snowdrop Festival: Ode to the Galanthus

Snowdrop Festival: Ode to Galanthus

No flower is as popular but also as royal as “our” lovely snowdrop (Galanthus). In Great Britain, the land of etiquette and monarchy, they know this all too well. Snowdrops are a real hype. I never knew snowdrops were so popular. Why this is so – you’ll notice when you visit a snowdrops festival.

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Rose Garden Westbroekpark

Westbroekpark & Rose Garden The Hague:  more than a City Park

Westbroekpark & Rose Garden The Hague has been designated a protected cityscape. The park, covering 18 hectares, has landscaped flower beds with an international rose garden, a well tended lawn and a playground. You can also find a tearoom, café / restaurant and boat rentals. The park offers something for everyone, young and old. In summer it’s an excellent place to spend time with family and friends. Read More

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