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January 12, 2017

Espaliered Fruit for Beginners | Starter Guide Espaliered Fruit

Starter Guide Espaliered Fruit

Espaliered fruit is a  delight to see. Whether you are looking for information about espaliered fruit trees and garden walls, growing tightly run espaliered fruit trees yourself, or planning a fun day trip: This guide will quickly guide you to the information you seek.

Espaliered fruit Synonyms

Espaliered fruit may relate to trees (of large fruit) and to bushes (small fruit). The term has various synonyms, or words have practically the same meaning.


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  • led fruit tree (plural: led fruit trees)
  • espalier fruit (plural: fruit espaliers)
  • fruit topiary  (plural: fruit topiary trees)
  • shaped fruit tree (plural: shaped fruit trees)
[/mks_accordion_item] [mks_accordion_item title=”Synonyms for espaliered fruit bushes(of small fruit)”]

espaliered fruit bushes are almost always planted as a group. A row of espaliered fruit bushes is indicated by one of the following expressions.


  • espaliered fruit hedge
  • espaliered fruit of berry
  • candy hedge
  • gourmet hedge
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In which shapes can I grow an espaliered fruit tree?

The cultivation of espaliered fruit trees requires sound knowledge and craftsmanship. Discover which categories and varieties of espaliers there are and read more about the ability to grow yourself at home.

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Wich types of fruit walls are there?

Discover the advantage of a fruit wall, the categories of garden walls, their similarities and their differences.
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Where can I find historical fruit walls?

Discover the rural estates and castles in the Netherlands where fruit walls are present.
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Where can I  visit fruit walls and espaliered fruit trees?

A review article describing the most beautiful fruit walls with espaliered fruit trees in Western Europe.

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Where can I buy tightly run espaliered fruit trees?

Sales offices of led fruit trees.
How to recognize the quality of espaliered fruit trees.
Tips when buying.
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Day trip to espaliered fruit trees / Excursion to Espaliered fruit

A guide to  to plan a fun day. Information about  popular cycle routes, compose a bike ride or hiking, and guided tours of espaliered fruit trees.
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